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Relax Your Baby


Relax Your Baby is a series of exercises to do at home to help your baby feel more relaxed in their body. These exercises are great for: - Pre and Post Tongue Tie release body preparation - Helping integrate the birth process - Improving body mechanics for better feeding, - Promoting deeper sleep - Soothing the nervous system - Releasing trapped gas - Regulating digestion - Providing more mobility in and tolerability for tummy time - Reducing stress while riding in the car seat -Carryover and continued tension relief between manual therapies *Please remember that these exercises are not in place of craniosacral therapy or craniosacral fascial therapy and they are not craniosacral therapy or craniosacral fascial therapy techniques. For most optimal results, it's important to seek out professional bodyworkers, such as but not limited to: a craniosacral therapist, craniosacral fascial therapist, infant massage therapist, infant physcial therapist, and chiropractor. I am not your doctor and these videos are not medical advice. If you have concerns about your baby's overall health, it is necessary to contact your physician.

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