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Relax Your Baby At Home

This program of 25 on-demand exercises might be for you if your baby: 

- Hates tummy time 

- Cries all the time in the car seat 

- Has trouble feeding 

- Doesn't sleep well 

- Has tethered oral tissues and/or has had or will have a tongue tie release

- Has excess gas 

- Has reflux or spits up frequently

- Has trouble burping or passing gas 

- Has trouble pooping 

- Poops only a little bit at a time 

- Cries constantly 

- Gets hiccups frequently 

- Turns their head more often to one side

- Doesn't like to lay on their back 

- Has a head tilt 

- Has a flat spot on their head 

- Keeps their arms stuck in 

- Has frequently flexed hands and feet 

- Is stiff, tense, and seems uncomfortable in their body 

- Is a newborn and has already rolled over

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